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Our wide range of Material and Design options lets you revamp your kitchen area with ease. 
 MDFPlywoodParticle BoardWPC Board
Water & Moisture Proof
Termite & Pest Proof
Boiling Water ProofFor a lesser time as compared  For a lesser time as comparedFor a longer time
No Shrinkage or Swelling
Smooth surfacesmootherless smoothless smoothmuch smoother
Costing (1 being minimum)1234
 LaminatedAcrylicPu paintedVeneer
FeaturesPvc, membrane, skins, sun mica, etc are pasted with help of glue over boardsTwo options are there 1- Pre laminated acrylic boards 2-Pasting acrylic sheets over boardsPolyurethane paint is done using air compressor over smooth surfaced boards, mostly over MDFVeener is an artificial wood pattern sheet which is pasted over boards and polished to provide the natural wood look
Gloss/Matte optionsboth options availableHigh glossboth options availablenot as glossed can be matte
Variety of choicesAbundant options very limited optionsvery limited optionsvery limited options
Maintenancefor smooth laminates, low    for textured laminates- HighLessLowHigh
consdoes not provide much premium lookVery costly, scratch with time, needs a lot of cleaningTemperature variance may Develop CracksHigh Maintenance, periodical polishing
ProsVariety of options can be changed with time, easily available in marketcostly but look very pleasantcostly but look iv very pleasantprovides natural feel
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Our Innovative Marble Kitchens

Lifetime Warranty

Using marble for making modular kitchen structure is the best technique of ensuring the LIFE TIME DURABILITY to the kitchen. It removes the chances of having hidden spaces kitchen as the marbles are embedded in the ground and walls making the kitchen COCKROACHES & RODENTS FREE.  The baskets are mounted over these partitions using special types of screws, the kitchen can be washed with the water pipe as it will be 100% WATER RESISTING structure. It is Cheaper than WPC and a more stable lifetime structure.