Ideas to Plan for your House Renovation

House is the most comfortable place to live in for a person. Generally, it is an observation that most of the people around the world spent most of their savings to buy a house or for its renovation. Specifically, India as the second largest population in the world also follows the footsteps of the world. Most of the people belong to the middle class where savings are less than income but they still manage to save their money to buy or renovate the house. Thus, they need to spend their savings by keeping an eye on their budget.

To solve their problem, we will define some mind-boggling ideas that help people to spend less than their expectations and balance their economic thresholds for office, home renovations. The ideas are:

Throw your plan on the paper

            The rule of divide and conquer is always the optimal solution to save your money. We will suggest you take a chart paper and write down things of the houses that need to be renovated. After making the first draft of your required renovation, list the important spaces of your

house and define the renovation target for that house. With these two simple steps, you can easily manage your budget and renovate your house in less time.

 Research out the things and make your budget

            After you made your plan, you have to research on all the listed things that will converge your ideas towards your goals. We will suggest these steps that will be helpful for meaningful research and budget.

  1. Always start with the overall budget you want to spend on the renovation because it will help you to stay on track during the research and execution.
  2. Spend some time that what type of labour do you need for specific tasks. It is advised to hire a plumber, mason or any other on a contract basis because it will help you a lot of money (labour on daily wages are normally greedy and extend their workdays.).
  • Choose the vendors wisely because it will help you to select a good product at the low cost. For example, buying good quality things from a local company will save you about 30 to 40 % of the cost that you will spend on an International product.
  • Now a day, the online market is booming, so we will advise you to buy the product from some credible online store i.e. from some franchise or a quality vendor that will save your purchasing and travelling time. Please be cautious, always purchase from a credible source

First Impression is the last impression

            Have you ever thought about what attracts you or your guest when they enter the house? The answer is your paints and doors. Always try to choose the paints of light colours because it increases the observer visibility and will help to save your electric light power during the day time. No one can see your rooms first, they will see your doors. It is suggested to use plywood or metal doors with a good polish because it is a one-time investment and can save you to repaint your doors every six months.

Renovations that will take more part of your budget

            A Kitchen is a place that is used regularly in a house so it must be well furnished and equipped. If there are some drainage issues fix them with good quality pipes and drainage, if some equipment like a stove, microwave, or refrigerator is faulty, repair it or buy a new one. Wooden things must be checked, if they are infected with some pests you must have to repair it. Medium cost tiles or marbles should be used on the floors.

            Walls are also an important part of the house because it provides support to the ceilings or creates a handsome partition between the rooms. We will suggest investing in the water-resistant paints or on the wallpapers to prevent the water same. Besides, we will also suggest to remodel your rooms that have no windows. It is advised to spend some money on the windows because they will help to circulate the fresh air inside the house.

Renovations that will take the least part of your budget

            Bathrooms are the places that should be compromised but it is suggested to renovate the toilet, shower, and basin if they are broken. There are many good and cheap quality tiles available in the market that are used for the bathroom walls and floors so we don’t think that removing a bathroom is costly.

            The common used electric items like fans, lights or energy-saving bulbs are also not taking up your budget if they are in your renovation list. Storage spaces are also useful in the house, so during your renovation, if you have some extra space you can set it as storeroom and there is no need to invest on tiles, floors, or walls of the storeroom. That’s all folks, we think that these common ideas are pretty useful for reno

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