Ultimate tips to deal with construction companies in Noida, Greater Noida?

Tips for house construction and Planning

We assure you that this article will provide the ultimate guide to you for your dream construction project. Being one of the best and honest civil contractor we are providing you the ultimate tips which no one else will offer you or even tell you.

We earn lifelong and dream a beautiful house, isn’t it? Failing in getting a good construction not only turns the dream into a nightmare but also exhausts our earnings. Since most of the people are not from a construction background many of the times they fail, either it results in a messy construction or they get poor quality work to execute which attracts repairs.

Read it if.

You are planning a house construction?

 To get quality work done for your construction project

How to start with construction for your house?

How to be safe from getting cheated?

Received different quotes from different vendors and now not able to figure out what is the difference as all are making the same house?

Hereby we will try to give the best answers to all your problems


Being in a civil engineer We have observed this industry very closely, after serving in Delhi metro for around 3 yrs. we started our own construction interiors and renovation business. We have completed about 100+ small and big scale projects of all fields. Here are some tips by us to get quality results.

Architectural Phase / Planning phase

With this, you start up with the planning of the construction. An architect will help you to design your Dream House

  • House floor plan
  • 3D elevation with Dimensions
  • Plumbing/ Electrical Drawing

Always have a written document of what will be provided in the cost, architect is offering. Most of the times drawings details are missing and architect charge extra to complete the same.

  • House drawings Approval, map sanction.
  • Deposition of various authorities Fees

Either the architect will help you or you may do it at your own and save extra bucks. Check for the checklist at the local authority site for the documents to be submitted.

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Construction Phase

Time to execute the plan some tips for the costing.

  • Take quotes from different contractors, hiring a good contractor will depend on how well you study the quotes provided by them. here are some tips to be kept in mind while going through the quotes.


  • Most contractors use Rathi in Delhi NCR. By the name of Rathi you will find 7-8 steel brands, only 2-3 are originals rest are copy). Rathi but which Rathi?
  • Steel has a grading just like carrots in gold like Fe 250, Fe 250 D Fe 415, Fe 415 D, Fe 500, Fe 500 D Fe 550, Fe 550 D use at least Fe 500 in construction anything below it is an eyewash. The higher the yield stress numbers, the higher will be the price. Letter D denotes the ductility i.e. elongation.  Fe415 D will elongate more than  Fe415, hence 415 D will add more to the strength. 
  • Ask your contractor to mention the amount of steel that will be used in the project, this point may save you lacs and ensure good quality for your dream project. A genuine contractor will always want to work in a win-win condition. 90% steel comes in one lot as transportation adds up for every lot, you may weigh the truck of every lot and ensure that steel is not taken back from the site once dropped.
  • Ensure work is as per the structure drawing at the site
  • Grade of steel?
  • Brand?
  • Quantity which will be consumed in construction

This link will help you get more answers related to the quality of steel. Click Here

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Why do we use steel?


There are mainly two types of cement 

  1. Opc
  2. PPC


  • available in 3 Grades, 33, 43, 53
  • provides higher initial strength, commonly used in megastructures as it reduces the removal of foam work timing and speed up the project.

This link will help you get more answers related to the quality of steel. Click Here

This link will help you get more answers related to the quality of steel. Click Here

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Coarse Sand / Stone Dust / Aggregates

  • Coarser the sand, more compressive strength in R.C.C
  • Use coarse sand in brick work
  • In plaster use coarse + fine in 50-50% ratio, you may increase the coarse sand content above 50%, pop punning will make the wall smooth.
  • Brickwork 1:5 for 9”, 1:4 for 4” walls, add steel bars at every 4th layer in 4” wall
  • Use 20 Mm angular aggregates ( the one we get in rivers is round, sharp edge aggregate will form much better bond than a round shapes aggregate). Nagal/ Manki / Kotputli are some good source of 20mm in delhi ncr.
  • Sample of 20mm and coarse sand must be provided prior commencing work. 
best construction companies in noida, greater noida

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