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Your search ends here at Aarna.  We have a team of experts who will make your life easy. Handling projects or carrying out Renovations of offices, houses or any place is a typical task but once you get the right professional all of your life goes at ease.  

Why to choose False Ceilings? ​

A good false ceiling contractor will always guide the client for the merits and demerits of installation of false ceilings.  Here we go…

Lights Installation

In modern trend the lights are installed in the ceilings rather than on walls.

Adds Beauty

Adds aesthetic beauty to the structure. They enhance the look of the space.

Thermal Insulation

Reduces volume of the room, enhances air conditioning system of space.

Hidden utility

Ceilings helps us in hiding the over head running utilities pipes and electrical wires..

Aarna constructions & Interiors | designer false ceilings in noida, greater noida

False ceiling contractor...?

 Aarna constructions aim at providing the best expert solutions for all your problems related to Home Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Office space renovation, All types of Interiors and Civil related works.

Types of Ceilings

Aarna constructions & Interiors | designer false ceilings in noida, greater noida

Plaster of Paris

In this type of Ceiling P.O.P is mixed with water and applied to the mess supported by a frame. It is the most durable form of false ceiling, gives a more elegant look.

Advantages- Durability, finish, joint free.

Disadvantages- Time consuming, dusty, messy

designer false ceilings in noida, greater noida

Gypsum Board

Gypsum boards are available in the size of 6ft*4ft, they are fixed over the frame with the help of screws and joints between the boards are filled with the help of mess tape and putty.
Advantages- Fast process, free from dust, not messy.
Disadvantages- Joints are visible with time, not much durable.

designer false ceilings in noida, greater noida

Natural Wood

Natural polished strips or planks can be used for enriching the beauty of the place. Advantages- Durability, finish, can be used for wallpaper pasting Disadvantages- Dusty, expert requirement, joints visibility depends on the finish chosen over the board.

designer false ceilings in noida, greater noida

Pvc Panels

Pvc sheets are available in the size of 10 inches* 120 inches (10ft). these sheets are mounted over the frames. These are interlocking sheets and the edges are sealed by the biddings.
Advantages- fast process, Variety, not messy, more durable than gypsum, interlocking joints.
Disadvantages- Time-consuming, dusty, messy, not all shapes can be attained

designer false ceilings in noida, greater noida

Panel ceilings

2ft*2ft gypsum board tiles are fit into the frames, mostly used for offices or to hide the utility running under the structural ceiling. Advantages- cheaper, Fast process, the ceiling of any area can be accessed with any damage, can be used to mount big light panels and Air conditioning. Disadvantages- not solid, sagging problems.

Best False Ceiling Contractor

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