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Construction for us is core Civil Engineering. We have played 6 yrs with megastructures where advanced technology & techniques are used for constructions. 

It’s all about Engineering when it comes to us 0% quality compromise

Our Expertise

Home Construction

Fabrication Projects

Industrial Construction

Commercial Construction

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  • Approvals

    We provide liaisoning services for approvals required from authorities from Noida, Greater Noida.

  • Architectural Works

    Get rid of copy-paste designs. Get the fresh innovative trending designs.

  • Structural Designing

    Get structures verified design certificate from your expert Engineers.

  • Execution

    Quality controlled Execution. We plan out everything in detail to achieve Cost control.

  • Interiors

    Load your space with the best interiors from the professionals. We are among one of the best interior designer in Noida, Greater Noida.

  • Post Service

    Just a phone call away... we mean it!!

End to End service

NCR lies in seismic zone 4 (up to 6.5). We will provide earthquake stability certificate for the structures.Have a safe roof over head,

Cost Control

Being the best civil contractor in Noida, Greater Noida. it's our responsibility to control the costing of the project. We must be worth as a professional, we always provide alternative solutions with the overall costing impact of each over the project.


Detailed estimate with specifications, no hidden cost. Transparency eliminates the risk of any surprises to the client as well as a contractor.

End to End service

Engineers- Architects- Workforce- Interiors- Designers- Renovation. Being a professional civil contractor in Noida, Greater Noida, we aim at providing all solutions to your problem under one roof.

Our journey...

Our journey starts from Underground metro rail construction by cut and cover and tunnelling methods as used in India metro rail construction.

We have been part of Noida- Greater Noida metro rail project from the day it started till its end not as a contractor but as a Delhi Metro Engineer, we have witnessed the best structures, finishes practices machines & technology in our work. For others, it’s just cement and steel but for us, it is a proper slump and B.B.S. Its not about using more quantity it’s about having it optimised for the for quality. 

We have touched this field as the field is highly unorganised and we have the potential to organise it using the best construction practices.

Now we are a team of civil Engineers- Designers- skilled workforce. Our vision is to have an organised construction sector in India, which is transparent to people.

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