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Being one of the best quality building material supplier in noida and  Greater noida, we provide the best quality of cement in the area.

About Aarna Building Materials

Aarna material being is one of the leading quality building material suppliers in Noida or Greater Noida, being from a core civil engineering background we understand the parameters of the good building material works.

We are a
1. cement supplier
2. aggregates supplier
3. fine sand supplier
4. coarse sand / Badarpur/ dust supplier
5. Steel (Rathi steel max) supplier
6. Excavators equipment JCB supplier
7. Fly ash bricks supplier
8. AAC blocks supplier
We assure you that we provide the best quality products to our customers at the best prices.

Your material is just a call away!
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  1. OPC grade (43, 53)
  2. PPC

PPC is preferable as it is resistant to corrosion of steel and cheaper than OPC. PPC takes time to develop strength however OPC develops strength faster, however after 28 days the strength is same for both opc and ppc.


Cement starts loosing its strength after 90 days, date of manufacturing is written over cement bag, expiry depends on stacking.


Ambuja, A.C.C and Ultratech are more trusted brands with almost same results for same grade of cement.

Bricks & Blocks

  1. First class clay Bricks
  2. Fly Ash Bricks
  3. Blocks
  • Size
  • sound test
  • Drop bricks from 4-5ft height
  • Shape
There are many other test however the above can be done at site.

It depends on the availability, If possible use fly ash bricks.

  • light weight
  • less wastage
  • larger size
  • less water absorption
  • more strength
  • ecofriendly

Since it is difficult to distinguish between the quality of fly ash bricks you must properly physically examine the same.

Clay burnt bricks quality can be distinguished by the color. 

building material supplier in noida, greater noida

Fe-500, Fe 450, Fe 450D, Fe 500, Fe-550 D, and Fe-600 are the different grades of TMT Steel.

use at least Fe 450 for construction

TMT bars can be used in various types of construction works due to their amazing flexibility and ductility which TOR steel cannot provide.


Always check for the No.s written over bar it is always mentioned over bars The nos like Fe 450, Fe-450D . signifies the yield stress the bar can bear.


Tata, Jsw, Rathi Stelmax etc, just look for the yield stress no, higher the grade higher will be the cost.



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