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Wall Painter Service


Office wall Painter

Home wall painter

Fixing up doors- windows, frames.

Industrial wall Painting

Demolition of a structure/ walls- Merging areas - Space optimisation.

Wall Paints

Have high shine, needs an expert wall painter otherwise, undulations will be visible. 

Soft shine finish looks very elegant, needs a proper base and a good wall painter.

They are sheen less paints, it require less efforts as undulations are not visible as much due to its finish.

 lime can be applied to the walls after mixing it with glue. Directly applied over plaster, it is the cheapest product available in paints, non-skilled wall painter can also apply it.

Low finish, basic from where paints actually starts. cracks with time, not durable. 

Metal/ Wood Paints

Available in both high sheen and matte finish, best in class, needs an expert painter.

Soft shine finish, looks very elegant, needs a proper base and a good painter.

very low sheen, towards matte finish type of finish.

Glossy finish, mostly used for exposed areas good to prevent were and tear.

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Wall Painter?

 Aarna constructions aim at providing the best expert solutions for all your problems related to Home Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Office space renovation, Wall Pinter service, All types of Interiors and Civil related works in Noida, Greater Noida, NCR.


Changing the contractor definition by mixing TECHNOLOGY with EXPERTISE.

Technology brings speed and in today’s world Time isn’t the main thing. It is the only thing. We believe in technology and where it comes to Home Interiors, Home renovation, office Renovation, Wall Painter Service our best tool to crack it on time the mix up of technology and expertise to use it.

Good things need not be costly. All you need is the expertise of the field. In India, we lack skillfully workers most of them are illiterate having very basic knowledge. 

We have been working with the vision to change the definition of the word Contractor and develop a new mindset into the market which is “Reliable cost-cutting professionals with expertise”

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Frequently asked questions

Its a myth. If we will have a pipe leaking inside my wall than how will the paint last?

However waterproof in paint means that the paint film will not allow water from external sources like humidity, rain to seep under the walls. as the thin film will act as a protective covering for resisting the moisture.

Here are the tips.

1. Start from dark walls to light walls.

2. Use visual tools, there are apps on play store which uses a camera and color the walls as per the chosen colour. Download any colour visualizer app.

This happens when the bond between paint and putty weakens due to.

  1. Weak Bonding with time.
  2. Exposure to Moisture.

We are the best in budget painting service provider in the market. It’s about the time we save, faster we finish the task more we can work on projects. 

Our charges range from Rs10/sqft to 22/sqft. 

Will update an article over it soon.

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