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About Us

We set the trends of modern living.

The best interior design sites offer beyond what the eye can see, and Aarna is one such site. This stage provides interior design solutions for both home and entrepreneurs across the country.

What makes Aarna one of the top interior design locales is its uncommon previously, then after the fact images that provide a plenty of interior design motivation and ideas. These undertakings were finished by their group of probably the best interior designers that are accessible for a portion of the expense. Even better, all Aarna clients get elite discounts on furniture and stylistic layout, just as a free white glove shopping attendant service. So separated from being motivated, perusers can find the following way to change their current circumstance. What's more, everything begins with a complimentary counsel. It's just simple.

Our journey starts from Underground metro rail construction by cut and cover and tunnelling methods as used in India metro rail construction. We have been part of the Noida- Greater Noida metro rail project from the day it started till its end not as a contractor but as a Delhi Metro Engineer, we have witnessed the best structures, finishes practices machines & technology in our work. For others, it’s just cement and steel but for us, it is a proper slump and B.B.S. It’s not about using more quantity it’s about having it optimized for quality. We have touched this field as the field is highly unorganized and we have the potential to organise it using the best construction practices. Now we are a team of civil Engineers- Designers- skilled workforce. Our vision is to have an organised construction sector in India, which is transparent to people.